Opportunity Space

bookCoverLargeThe Most Critical Component of Leadership Success

  • Is there tension between your team members?
  • Is there a lack of trust among your executive team?
  • Are employees not working to their potential?
  • Do you feel employees should be taking more initiative?
  • Are you content to write off certain customers as impossible?
  • Are your managers hitting a wall or have they reached a plateau?
  • Are you willing to let your sales team keep walking through the revolving door?
  • Is your business’ bottom line suffering?

Purposeful interactions, Energizing Employees, Producing Powerful Business Results

  • Building trust and team cohesiveness
  • Growing new leaders
  • Enhancing the coaching ability of managers
  • Significantly improving customer service
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your sales team

With all the communication skills, training, tricks and tools available, none of it works unless you are able to seize the Opportunity Space ™!

Negative emotion destroys effectiveness
in every workplace in the world!

When we get emotional, our conversations cease to be productive. Relationships are built or destroyed, employees are inspired or demoralized, customer relationships are enhanced or hurt and prospects become clients or are lost, all because of the effectiveness of the conversations that occur. If a leader communicates poorly, they will pay for it for a long time – it takes a much greater amount of time to rebuild the lost trust and credibility but much more self control to communicate effectively the first time.

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