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Inexpensive Ways to Say Thank You

26 Nov
by Bridget DiCello

You could write Thank you on their Facebook wall, send a Text, “Like” their work on LinkedIn, or drop them an email, but how about a few more old fashioned ways of saying Thank you?

1. Say it!  Give them a call for no other reason than to say “Thank you!”  If they are within walking distance, walk to their desk and say, “Thank you!”  Just make sure you are specific about what it is you are thankful for.  Everyone likes to be thanked, but it makes much more impact when you’re specific – and they cannot read your mind.

2.  Write a handwritten Thank you note.  Again, be specific about what it is you appreciate.

3.  Send that handwritten note to their home address, so they open it with family or friends around and receive further acknowledgment.

4.  If they are an employee, give them an hour, half-day or day off without pay.  It seems like the most valuable commodity today is our time – so many demands upon it.  Give them something very valuable to them!

5.  Recognition with their peers in a staff meeting.  Not everyone likes public praise, but in a staff meeting of peers, where the comment is specific and linked to business results can be very impactful.

6.  Encourage one employee to say or write a thank you to another employee.  Ensure they include the specifics of what they are thankful for.

7.  Buy a small “perfect” gift for someone.  When you buy something small but well suited to their likes or hobbies, it means you have been listening to what is important to them.  It doesn’t need to cost much.  Rubix cube fan?  They love Chik-fil-A, but hate McDonalds?  Have you been listening enough to do this?  Leave it on their desk with a little note.

8.  Pass along a compliment from a client.  Put it in writing, share it with their boss or peers, or tell them what keeping that client happy means to the business overall.

9.  Wash their car – without them knowing while they are at work.  Getting your hands dirty is a great way to show your dedication and appreciation.

Your time, attention and focus on what is important to them is most powerful.  

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Happy Thanksgiving!