Work gets Results!

03 Sep
by Bridget DiCello

Happy Labor Day!

Since I started cleaning horse stalls for $15 a week when I was 11 years old through my current entrepreneurial career, I have thoroughly enjoyed every job and been wearied by certain aspects of each job.  Some places I have been blessed to work with fabulous mentors, and others I have been challenged to communicate with much more difficult individuals.

Every opportunity, no matter its challenges, has been an opportunity for me to grow as a person.

Even when you crave your weekends or days off, look forward to your next vacation, or pine for retirement, there is incredible potential not to be missed in your everyday work.

Work pushes you to develop as a person.  That is a tough process and one you might choose to avoid, if it were a choice.  Work pushes you to accomplish more than you thought you could, solve problems you thought were impossible, push your physical limits, think in new ways, and work with people you think are impossible.  It forces you to be disciplined, to learn to empathize and connect with a variety of people, and to access talents you didn’t know you had.

And the result is that you discover your potential and those talents hidden within you in order to be more productive, more compassionate, more disciplined, more focused, and to make a contribution and bring out greatness in others.  Growing as a person means you move beyond what makes you happy to what enlightens you, and identify and build on your strengths and pinpoint and develop in your areas of weakness.  You develop your emotional intelligence and learn to cope with stress.  You enlarge your comfort zone, expand what you think is possible, and become a more courageous and humble person.

Whether you are working at your first job, or are ready to retire; or work in a comfortable office or sweat or freeze out in the elements, my hat is off to every working person.  Thank you for all you do to contribute to our great country, and to discover your own greatness!

What has been your favorite job?  Where did you work where you developed the most as a person?

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