Your Personal Goals for 2013

09 Jan
by Bridget DiCello

Will you do the same things in 2013 and expect different results?

Will you try to ‘change’ other people and remain frustrated?

Will you address those things about yourself that you most want to be different?

Personally, we are created by the person we are, the relationships we have, the work we do, the hobbies we enjoy and the legacy we leave. When you think about setting goals for 2013, think beyond work – where goals are most common, beyond weight loss – the most common personal goal, and set goals this year for the whole you.

At work, don’t only set goals for promotion, pay raise or increased sales. Ask yourself:

  • At what tasks do I want to become more proficient?
  • What routines do I want to tweak?
  • What projects do I want to start, and which ones do I want to finish?
  • Which relationships do I need to improve? What do I want to improve about them?
  • How do I want my role to change? Do I want a promotion? Do I really want that new job?
  • What skills do I want to improve?

Then, look at the area over which you have the most control and on which you probably spend the least amount of time and focus – YOU.

Thinking not of what I do, but who I am, what do I want to be different about the way I am in these categories? Maybe it’s related to commitment, time, quality, perseverance, depth, determination, focus or energy…

  • Health/Fitness
  • Business/Career/Studies
  • Self-Image/Confidence
  • Religion/Spiritual
  • Finances/Wealth
  • Social/Friends
  • Family
  • Romance/Love
  • Contribution/Service
  • Fun and Recreation

Jim Collins book, ‘Good to Great’ is a bestseller and speaks to companies who want to go from being Good to having Great results. What about YOU? How can you personally move from being Good to being Great? Only you really know the answer to that question, and only if you take a few moments and slow down long enough to find the answers.

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